Martin Guitars MTCN160 Titanium Strings

40,00  inkl. MwSt.

  • Stärken: .012, .016, .026, .034, .044, .055
  • Titankern mit Nickel umsponnen und kryogenisch behandelte Edelstahl Plain-Saiten



Made with pure nickel wrap wire reinforced with heavy-duty titanium core wire, the Martin Titanium Core acoustic guitar strings deliver the best in tone, tuning stability, and durability. Designed to deliver the ultimate player experience, these strings were created by Martin Guitar’s tone engineers with high-quality construction and the best materials. Titanium delivers the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal and is more flexible than steel, making it perfect for playability and durability. You can pick, practice, and play these strings for hours with less finger fatigue and reliable tuning stability. This pack of professional-grade guitar strings will last through long jam sessions, late-night campfire songs, and plenty of picking. It’s an ultra-reliable set of strings that you can take on tour or keep in the studio. Designed to produce an even tone and clear sound, these titanium core strings can be used for fingerstyle blues, Americana, country, bluegrass, ragtime, and many more styles. With this pack, you’ll receive 6 guitar strings designed for optimal playing performance. The low E string measures 0.055″, the A string measures 0.044″, the D string measures 0.034″, the G string measures 0.026″, the B string measures 0.016″, and the high E string measures 0.012″. This total set of strings features a tension of 160.2. Add these professional guitar strings to your touring and performing equipment today! Martin Guitar has been producing high-quality, musician-choice guitars and guitar accessories since 1833. The Martin Titanium Core Guitar Strings are the real deal—not an imitation. Discover your guitar’s true voice with this professional-grade guitar string pack.